Grow and Convert Leadership and Innovation




This book is a must-read for any innovative company that would like to encourage its employees to go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of consumers in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Bernoff and Schadler's timely book provides practical advice for businesses on how to engage their creative employees to create success. What and how marketing, sales, customer service...

The StartUp of You

book Startup of you

This book is not an instruction manual for finding a job. Instead, you will learn how to deal with the difficulties of the modern workplace. Employees need to find their inner entrepreneur and use it to jump into new types of jobs. The way people usually start their jobs after finishing university and then slowly move up in their careers until they retire is not happening as much anymore.

Grow and Convert Leadership and Innovation

Kannen Parmanum

I have been interested in the ever-evolving digital transformation space for most of my life; this enthusiasm has led me to research new techniques and trends with practical applications while also sharing book reviews based on what these books taught me.

On a personal note, I enjoy reading books on philosophy and astrophysics, which provide me with valuable creative insights into problem-solving techniques.

My ambition is focused on making strong, impactful contributions to high-performing teams.

We have succeeded if we can be leaders of information that could lead to a solution.

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